Pure, natural, untouched. It's how we all arrived in this beautiful world. And it's how of the earth photography likes to capture your memories. Moments you’d like to keep and those you’d like to share...moments where love, joy and laughter transport you away from the worries of the world...Moments where your soul is laid bare. My name is Salomien Smal and I have spent the last decade of my life behind a lens, capturing pure, natural, unpretentious moments. And I would love the opportunity to capture yours.



Floors in Africa

{Magazine photography}


{Band Live Performance}

Hyson Tea

{Product photography}

Ferry Express

{Drivers on the go}

Camp Master

{Product photography}


{Product photography}

Fotakis Brothers Carpets

{Magazine advertisement}

Bobby van Jaarsveld

{Celebrity Interview}

Court Classique

{Brochure photographs}

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