Pure, natural, untouched.

It's how we all arrived in this beautiful world. And it's how of the earth photography likes to capture your memories. Moments you’d like to keep and those you’d like to share...moments where love, joy and laughter transport you away from the worries of the world...Moments where your soul is laid bare.

My name is Salomien Smal and I have spent the last decade of my life behind a lens, capturing pure, natural, unpretentious moments.



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What my Clients say:

  • I've worked with Salomien for 8 years on INTIEM magazine cover shoots and just love her work. She has the ability to capture moments between couples that has taken our magazine from good to great. Apart from being an excellent photographer, she know exactly how to style a photo and help any couple look like they've had training to pose for photos so that it looks gorgeous. We work with many celebrity couples and our shoots are always the most popular in the magazine industry because everyone has a great time and the photos are always magnificent. Our shoot with Bobby and Annatjie van Jaarsveld won an international magazine cover of the week competition. I can highly recommend Salomien. She is one of South Africa's best photographers.
    Liezel van der Merwe
    Media in Africa
  • I’ve had more than one opportunity to work with Salomien.
    For me personally, she is the photographer I’ve been most comfortable with.
    She knows exactly how to capture the best of me.
    She shows my femininity and doesn’t only take the normal model type photos.
    She is an easy and fun person and that makes working with her easy and relaxed.
    For me it is important to enjoy a photoshoot because that shows in the photographs and makes the shoot a success.
    Andriette Norman
    Andriette Norman
  • Salomien is one of the best photographers SA has ever seen! Her bubbly, relaxed, spontaneous and humorous personality makes her easy to trust and easy to be around! She has YOUR best interest at heart and wants to make sure your photo is going to look gorgeous! Salomien is also absolute incredible with kids and has the ability to make them all work together and get the best possible pics of the whole family! What a blessing she has been in our lives and I am so thankful that our paths have crossed because I have SO many gorgeous pics up on my walls taken through her lens!
    Alette Winckler
    The South African Image Academy
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